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Former rDAYs

The ITES community gathered to celebrate the breadth of excellent research within the Institute of Terrestrial Ecosystems (ITES). rDAY was the official research day of ITES and replaced the ITES Monday seminar series from the last years. The aim of this event was to provide a unique opportunity for graduate students, postdocs and academic staff to present the diversity and importance of their scientific work to the wider ITES community. This fostered a greater awareness of the activities of the different groups at ITES, and facilitate collaboration across the institute. rDAY included a mixture of short talks and poster sessions, combined with plenty of time for less structured discussion.

The abstracts from 2015 are shown here: Abstracts2015 (PDF, 85 KB)

The abstracts from 2014 are shown here: Abstracts2014 (PDF, 111 KB)

The abstracts from 2013 are shown here: Abstracts2013 (PDF, 79 KB)

The abstracts from 2012 are shown here: Abstracts2012 (PDF, 64 KB)

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