Biodiversity modelling

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Biodiversity need to be monitored across multiple ecological conditions distributed in the landscape. Monitoring changes in species assemblages at many sites across the landscape and repeatedly across time is difficult. This research section aims at developing novel approaches to monitor biodiversity changes across landscape, through automated signal acquisition and processing.


Remote sensing correlates of species diversity in grasslands and forests

Remote sensing has been used for decades to discriminate major features of the landscape such as forest types, urban area or grasslands. While useful to track the use of the landscape across coarse categories, those feature do not discriminate favourable or disfavourable habitats for biodiversity. Refining habitat categories detected using remote sensing that are relevant for biodiversity would provide a straightforward approach to quantify unfavourable changes in the landscape. Such approach would inform rapidly on the loss of habitats for biodiversity across an entire country. In this project, we will use remote sensing to distinguish habitat that favour biodiversity and describe past and future changes in habitat availability for biodiversity.

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