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ITES develops and disseminates basic knowledge and tools to foster the sustainable use of terrestrial ecosystems and their life-supporting services as challenged by environmental change. We endeavour to advance science for the benefit of society by

  1. exploring the functioning of terrestrial environments as interconnected systems of physical, chemical and biological processes and their interactions across different scales in time and space, using quantitative methods, and
  2. developing environmentally sound and economically feasible ecosystem management strategies that are institutionally and socially acceptable.

The educational mission of ITES is to provide students the theoretical knowledge and practical skills for pursuing academic and professional careers in ecosystem science and natural resource management.

The MSc Major in Forest and Landscape Management is attracting a large number of students from many universities across Europe and beyond. The educational agenda is research-informed. It is responsive to students’ needs by being regularly updated and developed to meet new needs and priorities. This ensures a high-quality educational programme that provides effective integration of quantitative and qualitative approaches to terrestrial ecosystem research and management.

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